$28 Greatremy 7A Straight Human Hair Weave 1 bundles 10" Brazilian U Beauty Personal Care Hair Care /minima1789602.html,Hair,Weave,$28,Straight,Greatremy,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,1,Human,Brazilian,10",daiphongland.vn,bundles,7A,U Greatremy 7A Straight Human Hair Weave 1 10" Brazilian Max 52% OFF bundles U Greatremy 7A Straight Human Hair Weave 1 10" Brazilian Max 52% OFF bundles U $28 Greatremy 7A Straight Human Hair Weave 1 bundles 10" Brazilian U Beauty Personal Care Hair Care /minima1789602.html,Hair,Weave,$28,Straight,Greatremy,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,1,Human,Brazilian,10",daiphongland.vn,bundles,7A,U

Greatremy Special price for a limited time 7A Straight Human Hair Weave 1 10

Greatremy 7A Straight Human Hair Weave 1 bundles 10" Brazilian U


Greatremy 7A Straight Human Hair Weave 1 bundles 10" Brazilian U

Product description


All of Greatremy Hair is 100% Unprocessed Human hair
Greatremy hair materials: 100% Human Hair Brazilian virgin hair
Greatremy quality: No Chemical Processing No Shedding, No Tangles, No Lice No Smell Top Quality
Greatremy hair color: Natural black color(pure color)can be dyed or bleached
Hair length: 8-30 inch in stock available 100% True to the Length
1) 100% Human Hair?
A: All of Greatremy hair is Unprocessed Virgin Hair, virgin hair means it is Unprocessed, it is 100% natual , cut from young lady directly,No Acid No Dye 100% Real Human Hair.
2)The Comparison Among Different Texture?
A: Usually, Straightgt;Wavegt;Curlygt;Loose Wave(For Same Length)
Please measure the hair by stretch it to a straight condition, instead of Measuring the Hair Directly. The more weave the hair is, the shorter the hair appear.Since the hair is measured by hands, there may be small inaccuracy unavoidably. (0.1-0.3 inch margin for error is accepted).
3) How many pieces can make a full head?
A: Here is a general guide for one head normal. Usually 3 bundles are enough to make a full head. If you like Thicker or need Longer hair,it's best to wear one more bundle. As the Longer the Length is, the Thinner the hair is.
4) Will the hair shedding or tangle?
A: The hair is double weft weaving with no shedding. And as virgin cuticle aligned with no tangle.It could last over a year if taken good care.
For any Quality Problems, Please Feel Free to Contact us.

Greatremy 7A Straight Human Hair Weave 1 bundles 10" Brazilian U

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    Ancient humans were 'farming' cassowaries 18,000 years ago

    Prehistoric humans may have 'farmed' cassowaries as early as 18,000 years ago. 

    2 October 2021