Gain,1.6,136HP,Boost,Chip,2010+,,Automotive , Replacement Parts,for,Swift,$69,Power,Performance,CS2,/krageroite1480631.html Performance Chip CS2 for Swift 1.6 Baltimore Mall 2010+ Gain Boost Power 136HP $69 Performance Chip CS2 for Swift 1.6 136HP 2010+ Power Boost Gain Automotive Replacement Parts Performance Chip CS2 for Swift 1.6 Baltimore Mall 2010+ Gain Boost Power 136HP $69 Performance Chip CS2 for Swift 1.6 136HP 2010+ Power Boost Gain Automotive Replacement Parts Gain,1.6,136HP,Boost,Chip,2010+,,Automotive , Replacement Parts,for,Swift,$69,Power,Performance,CS2,/krageroite1480631.html

Performance Chip CS2 for Swift 1.6 Baltimore Mall 2010+ High material Gain Boost Power 136HP

Performance Chip CS2 for Swift 1.6 136HP 2010+ Power Boost Gain


Performance Chip CS2 for Swift 1.6 136HP 2010+ Power Boost Gain

Product description



Operation of our equipment is to provide a very specific signal to the sensor - temperature. After receiving such information from the sensor, the ECU (board computer installed in every car) changes car settings to more sport.

Air - fuel mixture becomes altered. Then the ignition adjusts itself to the new mix (if car has a turbocharger, turbochargers pressure also rises). These new settings increase the power depending on the car model by 10 - 15% of horsepower and torque.

This results in improved driving dynamics, better acceleration and higher top speed of the car.


You can install the chip box yourself. With our instructions it is fast and easy.

When making inquiries or purchases, please, always provide the following information:
- Car brand and model
- Engine type
- Engine power (HP or KW)
- Year of manufacture

The installation is connecting the plugs from the chip to the plugs enext to the sensor (MAP Sensor, MAF Sensor or Air Temperature Sensor).


Our company has been specializing in car tuning for many years. Our products are still widely appreciated for their quality and effectiveness. This offer is a guarantee of the highest quality and safety of your car. We offer you our professional advice and rich experience both during and after the warranty period.


Performance Chip CS2 for Swift 1.6 136HP 2010+ Power Boost Gain

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