$30 NewFit Blur Pickleball Paddle - USAPA Approved Premium Picklebal Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $30 NewFit Blur Pickleball Paddle - USAPA Approved Premium Picklebal Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Blur,$30,-,Picklebal,/krageroite1480531.html,NewFit,Approved,daiphongland.vn,USAPA,Paddle,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Pickleball,Premium NewFit Blur 5 ☆ popular Pickleball Paddle - Approved USAPA Picklebal Premium NewFit Blur 5 ☆ popular Pickleball Paddle - Approved USAPA Picklebal Premium Blur,$30,-,Picklebal,/krageroite1480531.html,NewFit,Approved,daiphongland.vn,USAPA,Paddle,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Pickleball,Premium

NewFit Blur 5 ☆ popular Pickleball Paddle - Approved Columbus Mall USAPA Picklebal Premium

NewFit Blur Pickleball Paddle - USAPA Approved Premium Picklebal


NewFit Blur Pickleball Paddle - USAPA Approved Premium Picklebal

Product description

The best mix of power and control, and it’s not too loud. You will love the perfect pop the BLUR gives. The graphite face reacts to the ball and delivers the best feel and control you want from pickleball paddles. And the advanced honeycomb core is optimized for striking power and large sweet spot while reducing sound.

Light and fast... but also durable. This pickleball paddle is so quick, we decided to call it BLUR. And we engineer our pickleball paddles to last, with composite carbon fiber and polymer honeycomb core that extends throughout the pickleball racquet. Plus, the free paddle cover and the low profile edge guard protect your investment.

Comfortable. Play longer because the ergonomic grip is inlaid with specially formulated cushioning to dampen vibration and reduce fatigue. And it has top rated playability with a grip that is long enough for both mens and womens hands and with the ideal 4.25 inch circumference.

Bold. Stand out on the courts, any courts. BLUR pickleball racquets are designed in the USA, not only to look cool, but also to comply to official USAPA standards for indoor or outdoor pro tournament pickle-ball rackets.

USAPA tested and approved. Use any color BLUR pickleball paddles in tournaments.

100% satisfaction guarantee. Our premium pickle ball paddles and sets are backed by our manufacturer 30-day money back guarantee with a 1-year free replacement warranty.

We LOVE Pickleball, And Hope You Do Too! NewFit Sports is a small, family-owned business based in Larkspur, CA working hard to make the best pickleball paddles. Our paddles are designed in the USA for everyone, from beginners to pros. We play a lot pickleball and feel this combination of graphite face and polymer honeycomb core has the best mix of benefits.

So, add the BLUR to your cart today and see why BLUR is one of the best selling and top rated pickleball paddles!.

NewFit Blur Pickleball Paddle - USAPA Approved Premium Picklebal

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