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Max 73% OFF DNYSYSJ Height Adjustable Tattoo Armrest Arm Re Quality inspection Tripod Stand Leg

DNYSYSJ Height Adjustable Tattoo Armrest Tripod Stand Arm Leg Re


DNYSYSJ Height Adjustable Tattoo Armrest Tripod Stand Arm Leg Re

Product description

Color:Style D

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✔ This section table is a double countertops, multi-angle adjustment table large size 40 * 49cm, face size 20 * 40cm; table can be adjusted up and down; can rotate 360 degrees
✔ The level of lifting knob, adjustable height 65-97cm from the ground
✔ Comes with a small pen holder can put some supplies
✔ Workbench comes with wheels for easy movement
✔ Piano paint double countertops, easy to clean, 360-degree rotation, the level can be freely adjusted to facilitate different tattoo artist needs and experience.
✔ This tattoo desk, simple, desktop is huge, you can put a variety of colors, power, machines, can be placed, and lift convenient, is a very simple to use workbench.

Material: Iron+wood
Adjustable height:65-97cm / 25.6in-38.2in
Large table size: 40*49cm / 15.7in*19.3in
Small table size: 20*40cm / 7.9in*15.7in
Weight: about 7Kg

Package included:
1 * Tattoo workbench

1. There may be slightly color different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness.
2. Please allow 1-2cm error due to the manual measurement .

DNYSYSJ Height Adjustable Tattoo Armrest Tripod Stand Arm Leg Re

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