$25 Wolf on Full Moon Night Landscape White Round Tapestry Roundies Home Kitchen Bath Wolf on Full Moon Night Tapestry Round New mail order Roundies Landscape White $25 Wolf on Full Moon Night Landscape White Round Tapestry Roundies Home Kitchen Bath Wolf on Full Moon Night Tapestry Round New mail order Roundies Landscape White Full,Round,/downfolded1789587.html,$25,Landscape,Home Kitchen , Bath,daiphongland.vn,Moon,White,Tapestry,on,Roundies,Night,Wolf Full,Round,/downfolded1789587.html,$25,Landscape,Home Kitchen , Bath,daiphongland.vn,Moon,White,Tapestry,on,Roundies,Night,Wolf

Wolf on Full Moon Night Tapestry Round New mail order Roundies Landscape Manufacturer regenerated product White

Wolf on Full Moon Night Landscape White Round Tapestry Roundies


Wolf on Full Moon Night Landscape White Round Tapestry Roundies

Product description


Type: Round beach towel with tassel,fully and one-side printing.

Material: 100% superfine fiber, ultra soft, absorbent, quick dry, comfortable to touch and easy to store.

Size: Diameter approx 59 inch (62 inch include tassels), the perfect amount of space to share with your lover, child, pet.

Weight: 1.29 lbs (585g), thicker than common round beach towels.

Multi use:

-Beach blanket: When you have a holiday and enjoy a beach picnic with your lover, this stylish round beach towel blanket is the best choice.

-Yoga mat: Imagine that you are having yoga on this round beach towel under meditation status, breathing fresh air. How relaxed it is!

-Home use: Hang it in your living room, bed room or dorm room. This round tapestry will give a complete new vibrant look. Also, it could be a bed cover, a throw when watching TV, a cover on table/sofa.

Perfect Gift: Printed with bright vibrant colors, makes it easy to find your spot and stand out on the beach. Nice for friends, family, or couples gather around at the beach or poolside.

Package Includes: 1 x Beach Towel

Care: Machine washing may damage fringe, hand wash is recommended. Hang Dry.

Wolf on Full Moon Night Landscape White Round Tapestry Roundies

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