$18 Golden Child 'Take A Leap' 4th Mini Album A Version CD+100p Book Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies Album,/counterexpostulation1789457.html,Leap',CD+100p,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,$18,Version,Golden,A,daiphongland.vn,Child,'Take,Mini,Book,4th,A Album,/counterexpostulation1789457.html,Leap',CD+100p,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,$18,Version,Golden,A,daiphongland.vn,Child,'Take,Mini,Book,4th,A Golden Child 'Take A Bombing new work Leap' 4th CD+100p Version Mini Book Album Golden Child 'Take A Bombing new work Leap' 4th CD+100p Version Mini Book Album $18 Golden Child 'Take A Leap' 4th Mini Album A Version CD+100p Book Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies

Golden Child 'Take A Some reservation Bombing new work Leap' 4th CD+100p Version Mini Book Album

Golden Child 'Take A Leap' 4th Mini Album A Version CD+100p Book


Golden Child 'Take A Leap' 4th Mini Album A Version CD+100p Book

Product description

Golden Child - [Take A Leap] 4th Mini Album A Version package includes CD+100p Booklet+1p Special Card+1p Phone Strap+1p Remover Sticker+3p Photo Card +Extra Message Photo Card SET+Free Tracking Number. Folded Poster mayNOT be included. Depending on versions , contents inside the album may differ. Message Photocards Set will be randomly selected from any kpop group and included. "Officially distributed Brand New amp; Factory Sealed CD." "Your purchase quantity will be count on Korea HANTEO amp; GAON Chart!" Track List Disk(CD). 01 We will be updated soon...

Golden Child 'Take A Leap' 4th Mini Album A Version CD+100p Book

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