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42 Pcs 10 OZ Plastic Bottles with Caps, Empty PET Clear Disposab


42 Pcs 10 OZ Plastic Bottles with Caps, Empty PET Clear Disposab

Product Description

10 Oz Empty PET Plastic Juice Bottles 36 Pack 7 Oz Empty PET Plastic Juice Bottles 54 Pack 15 Oz Empty PET Plastic Juice Bottles 24 Pack 12 Oz Empty PET Plastic Juice Bottles 36 Pack 10 Oz Empty PET Plastic Juice Bottles 36 Pack 16 Oz Empty PET Plastic Juice Bottles 30 Pack
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Capacity 10 Oz(300 ml) 7 Oz(200 ml) 15 Oz(450 ml) 12 Oz(350 ml) 10 Oz(300 ml) 16 Oz(500 ml)
Cap Color White Black White White Black White
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Count 36 Pack 35 Pack 30 Pack 48 Pack 24 Pack 54 Pack
Capacity 12 Oz(350 ml) 10 Oz(300 ml) 14 Oz(400 ml) 8 Oz(250 ml) 16 Oz(500 ml) 7 Oz(200 ml)
Cap Color White White Black White Black White

42 Pcs 10 OZ Plastic Bottles with Caps, Empty PET Clear Disposab

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