Portable Travel Kungfu Zisha Tea Purple Handmade Teapo Clay Max 58% OFF Set Portable Travel Kungfu Zisha Tea Purple Handmade Teapo Clay Max 58% OFF Set Portable,daiphongland.vn,Teapo,Purple,$23,Clay,Travel,Zisha,Kungfu,Set,,Handmade,Tea,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/agynarious1645470.html $23 Portable Travel Kungfu Zisha Tea Set, Handmade Purple Clay Teapo Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $23 Portable Travel Kungfu Zisha Tea Set, Handmade Purple Clay Teapo Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Portable,daiphongland.vn,Teapo,Purple,$23,Clay,Travel,Zisha,Kungfu,Set,,Handmade,Tea,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/agynarious1645470.html

Portable Travel Kungfu Zisha Oklahoma City Mall Tea Purple Handmade Teapo Clay Max 58% OFF Set

Portable Travel Kungfu Zisha Tea Set, Handmade Purple Clay Teapo


Portable Travel Kungfu Zisha Tea Set, Handmade Purple Clay Teapo

Product description

The Animal Style Zisha Tea set, are decorative with pí xiū .
In Chinese culture, Pixiu has always been regarded as an auspicious creature that possessed mystical power capable of drawing Wealth and Money from all directions.

Animal Stlye Capacity Approx: Teapot - 225ml, Teacup - 55ml

Zhisha Tea set was created in Ming Dynasty, around 1510s, made from Purple Clay. It is a traditional art in China.

It is nice thing that have cups of tea with friends or family in trips, enjoy the sunshine, hear the breeze, talking or just staying.

The Benefit of Drinking Tea:
1, Often drinking tea help to release the daily fatigue.
2, Tea has calorie-free. Drinking tea can help to decompose the fat.
3, Drinking tea can calm yourself down and slow you down from aging.
4, Tea benefit in strengthen the health of teeth and gums.

Package include:
1* Zisha Teapot
4* Zisha Teacups
1* Bamboo Tea Tray
1* Towel
1* Portable Travel Pouch

Notice: Due to the Monitor Display discrepancies, the colors of set will be a little different from the real product.

Portable Travel Kungfu Zisha Tea Set, Handmade Purple Clay Teapo

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