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Connex COX780853 Round/Forged Italian Trowel, Silver/Blue, 220 m


Connex COX780853 Round/Forged Italian Trowel, Silver/Blue, 220 m

Product description

Conmetall Meister supplies a portfolio of more than 35,000 products with a high degree of innovation in the areas of Hand tools, Sanitary, Garden tools, Small ironwares, fittings, Electric tools, Electrical installation materials. The B2B customers in the DIY and gardening sector as well as for . Our own products, which are well established in the DIY market, will of course be continuously maintained and further expanded. It goes without saying that even the brand's own product assortment is designed and produced in any desired breadth and depth. The goal of Conmetall Master is to grow together with our customers. Which is why service will continue to play a decisive role. More than 100 representatives ensure that we remain close with our trading partners. Furthermore, one of the most important areas for the future will be the e-commerce sector, where we are currently making significant investments.

Connex COX780853 Round/Forged Italian Trowel, Silver/Blue, 220 m

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