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Sterling Silver Mother and Daughter Adjustable Over item handling Cha Necklace with Reservation

Sterling Silver Mother and Daughter Necklace with Adjustable Cha


Sterling Silver Mother and Daughter Necklace with Adjustable Cha

Product description

Mother and Daughter Forever Love

The bond between a Mother and Daughter is unique and forever. Let your amazing Mother or Daughter know just how much that bond means to you. Birthday, Christmas, Mothers Day, any special occasion, or simply because she is wonderful, this necklace and keepsake card will make a gift she will cherish.

This Sterling Silver 925 necklace is presented on a lovely keepsake card, inside a beautifully decorated box.

The pendant comes with an adjustable, 17 to 20 inches long, solid Sterling Silver chain.

Pendant Metal: Sterling Silver 925
Pendant Size: 0.6 inches X 1.4 inches
Chain Metal : Sterling Silver 925
Chain Length: Adjustable 17 to 20 inches
Clasp Type: Lobster-Claw

The necklace and card comes inside a decorated gift box and we also include a sleek gift bag, tissue paper and a small message card for a hand written personal message.

Sterling Silver Mother and Daughter Necklace with Adjustable Cha

Sponsored Story
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