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GeoVision 2MP H.265 Courier shipping free shipping Regular dealer 3.8mm IR Camera Bullet GV-EBL2702-2F White

GeoVision 2MP H.265 3.8mm IR Bullet Camera, White (GV-EBL2702-2F


GeoVision 2MP H.265 3.8mm IR Bullet Camera, White (GV-EBL2702-2F

Product description

The Target Bullet Camera is a light-weighted camera designed for outdoor environments. It adheres to the IP67 standard and has full protection against dust and jets of water. The camera also allows automatic and precise control of exposure using its P-iris, producing images with better clarity and contrast. With the motorized focus/zoom, users can remotely adjust the focus and zoom from the Web interface. The camera offers an entry-level surveillance solution with all the essential features and excellent image quality.

GeoVision 2MP H.265 3.8mm IR Bullet Camera, White (GV-EBL2702-2F

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