Steering,Servo,SCX24,Aluminum,/heterophile1645493.html,EEMAX,Racing,Aaxial,$30,,SXTF24M01,Toys Games , Vehicles,HHot $30 SXTF24M01 HHot Racing Aaxial SCX24 Aluminum EEMAX Steering Servo Toys Games Vehicles SXTF24M01 HHot Racing Aaxial New item SCX24 Aluminum Steering EEMAX Servo SXTF24M01 HHot Racing Aaxial New item SCX24 Aluminum Steering EEMAX Servo Steering,Servo,SCX24,Aluminum,/heterophile1645493.html,EEMAX,Racing,Aaxial,$30,,SXTF24M01,Toys Games , Vehicles,HHot $30 SXTF24M01 HHot Racing Aaxial SCX24 Aluminum EEMAX Steering Servo Toys Games Vehicles

SXTF24M01 HHot Racing Max 43% OFF Aaxial New item SCX24 Aluminum Steering EEMAX Servo

SXTF24M01 HHot Racing Aaxial SCX24 Aluminum EEMAX Steering Servo


SXTF24M01 HHot Racing Aaxial SCX24 Aluminum EEMAX Steering Servo

Product description

The HHot Racing Aaxial SCX24 Aluminum EEMAX Steering Servo Mount is a machined aluminum option that allows the installation of the stronger, more precise and more durable EEMAX ES08MAII Metal Gear servo.
CNC machined billet aluminum, anodized black
Securcre servo mount over stock plastic mount
Stiffer Upper linkage mount
Installs easily with no modifications
Replace Aaxial plastic servo mount of AXI31609
(1) servo mount
NOTE: You must use the servo arm comes with EEMAX EMX-SV-0275 servo
fitment: Aaxial SCX24

SXTF24M01 HHot Racing Aaxial SCX24 Aluminum EEMAX Steering Servo

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