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Browning Pant


Browning Pant

Product description

Browning Wasatch-CB 6-Pocket Cargo Hunting Pants
(CB = Core and Basic)
Simple, comfortable, quiet. Made from comfortable lightweight cotton, the Wasatch-CB Pant offers excellent camouflage concealment in hot to temperate weather. Not every hunting excursion requires gear rated for torrential rain, raging blizzards, or mercury plummeting below freezing temperatures.
Core and Basic gear are perfect temperate weather when you're focused more on being silent than being warm.

  • Lightweight 6 oz. cotton
  • Deep front pockets
  • Oversized side cargo pockets with flap and button closure
  • Drawcord cuffs for a snug fit around boots
  • Adjustable waist tabs for comfortable fit
  • Rear flap button-through pockets Regular Fit

Browning Pant


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