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Injection Pressure Regulator, Automotive Replacement Fuel Inject


Injection Pressure Regulator, Automotive Replacement Fuel Inject

Product description

2003-2007 Fit for F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550 6.0L
2006-2010 Fit for LCF 4.5L
2004-2010 Fit for International VT275, VT365 / MAXXFORCE 5

Item Type: Injection Pressure Regulator
Material: Iron
OEM: 5C3Z9C968CA
Replace OEM: AP63417 CM5126 1846057C1 5C3Z-9C968-CA

Package List:
1 x Injection Pressure Regulator

Injection Pressure Regulator, Automotive Replacement Fuel Inject


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